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The Look of Compassion

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One of the best photographs from the WWII era is a photo of King George the VI inspecting a bombed out section of London.

He stops to talk with a little boy, who is sloppily dressed and has his cap on crooked. The King is bending on one knee and looking directly into the face of the child, and even though it is a profile shot of the king you can see that he has a look of compassion.

Tell me that that child’s life was not changed. Tell me that if he lived to be a hundred he forgot that day? I would suggest that once one truly looks into the eyes of Jesus, it is difficult to turn away. A God Notice

If you don’t believe that then ask a long parade of witnesses. Ask Mary Magdalene. Yes, it is true. I looked into his face and I became a pure woman. Ask Matthew. I too looked into his face, and I became an honest man. Ask Paul. When I met Jesus, I changed. My zeal for the law became a zeal for love. Ask Peter. Change, you ask? Oh yes, I changed. After I met Jesus I had to wrestle with my prejudices against the Gentiles. A God Flash

We are all broken men and women and our need is to be healed, changed, repaired, forgiven.

Reflect on a day or a time when you looked into the eyes of Jesus.

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