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The Loss of Memory

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One of the most memorable sections in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ prize-winning novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude concerns a strange disease that invaded the old village of Macondo from somewhere in the surrounding swamp. 

It is a lethal disease of insomnia that attacks the whole town. The initial effect is the inability of people to sleep, although the villagers do not feel any bodily fatigue at all. A more critical effect than that slowly manifests itself: a loss of memory

Gradually the victims realize they can no longer remember or recall the past. Soon they find that they cannot remember the name or the meaning of the simplest things used every day.

You’ve heard of the fellow who said two things happen to you when you grow old — “one is the loss of memory, and I can’t remember the other.”

Christians are to be REMINDERS, living reminders of Christ’s presence in the world. The world’s most lethal disease is amnesia, the loss of memory of who Jesus really was and what Jesus came to do. 

Thanks to Maxie Dunham

Long before we ever heard of COVID-19, so many of us suffered from the world’s most lethal disease  — AMNESIA. We walk out of our church, we close our Bible or prayer book and we quickly forget what Jesus said and did. By our not living and acting as Jesus lived and acted, we wind up harming more people that any pandemic ever could. 

What are 3 things that Jesus taught YOU and taught the world that have been forgotten? How are these 3 things dividing the world and dividing YOUR FAMILY?

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