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The Parable of the Hinge

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The door opened and closed with a bang thousands of times. One angry son left the house and crashed the door shut and the hinge came loose. When he tried to re-enter, the door wouldn’t open.

“What’s the matter with this door?” he shouted. “Someone let me in.”

“Now, you’ve done it,” said the mother.

“The door isn’t broken,” said the boy, “it is just the hinge.”

“Well, I can’t get it open,” said the mother. “You’ll have to wait until father gets home.”

“You push and I’ll pull,” said the boy, “and we will get the door open.”

They succeeded with a struggle and closed the door with a struggle. “You wouldn’t think one little hinge would make such a difference,” said the boy.

It is true that the doorways of life hinge on important matters, which we often take for granted. Christmas hinges on the birth of Christ, but much of society takes Jesus for granted.

Democracy hinges on the respect for the rights of every individual, while many take these rights for granted, while denying the privileges to others. Christmas, democracy, the Church, the school, the home, and all good things are short changed by millions who ignore the hinges which swing the doors through which they come and go. 

Hopefully this pandemic has taught us to consider the many people to whom we are indebted. All those who work in hospitals, police departments, and stores. Those who keep the streets usable, those who keep the electric lines supplied, and those who bring us the mail. God’s love makes us aware of the many blessings God provides through others. The greatest gift is the gift of love for it makes us aware of all that is good in our world. Jesus is the greatest hinge in all of history.

Some are wise enough to appreciate the things on which life hinges. The boy learned the value of the hinge the hard way.

What are the important hinges in your life that keep you and others going?

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