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The world famous Mayo Clinic was founded by Dr. Will Mayo and his brother, Charles in 1863 in Rochester, Minnesota. 

Dr. Will Mayo once spoke these encouraging words: “I have seen patients that were dead by all standards. We knew they could not live. But I have seen a minister come to the bedside and do something for a patient that I could not do, although I have done everything in my professional power. But something touched some immortal spark in that patient and in defiance of any medical sense, that patient lived.”  Thus spoke Dr. Will Mayo. There is evidence that Christ still heals people today.

I remember some years ago getting a call from Forest Hospital in Des Plaines, Illinois. It was a mental rehab hospital. They told me they had a patient that their doctors and staff had been working with for two years. They had done all they could for him. They felt that what was needed was a spiritual healing. I went and had an enriching session with the patient. I learned later that a wonderful spiritual and then physical healing took place.

I just returned from a week (January 24-28) of testing and consultations with doctors at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I met with Dr. Warren Thompson at the end of my stay on Thursday, January 27th. He said that given all of my tests, I needed to get into much better physical shape and possibly get a right knee replacement if it will help my balance. 

Then Dr. Thompson told me words I did not want to hear. They had found blood in my urine and the CT Scan revealed that it was “probable” that I had an early stage of bladder cancer. I wondered how this could be since I had had a proctoscopy test in November. So the next day on Friday I had another proctoscopy at Mayo Clinic. What I felt was the tremendous Power of Prayers that were being said for me. As I lay there, over my right shoulder I watched the fate of my life in hi-definition color on a screen! The doctor searched and searched, but finally said, “You have no cancer in your bladder! I have nothing to take a biopsy of!” The Power of Prayers!

I think back to the Sunday in August, 2019, three days after my open heart surgery at Loyola Medical Center in Chicago. My blood pressure had become very erratic the whole night to the point where they put the pads on my chest and back should my heart stop beating. What did I feel? I felt the tremendous Power of Prayers of all those who were praying for me. By Monday afternoon my blood pressure was once again normal. 

It never, ever surprises me that the four words that Pope Francis uses continually are: “PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!” With the weight and the concerns of 8 billion people on his shoulders every day, how could he say anything but, “PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!” You and I might well use these same four words again and again ourselves. 

I want to THANK YOU for the Power of your Prayers that have meant so very much to me, especially when I really needed them. 

When was there a time when YOU felt the Power of Prayers in YOUR life?  


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