The Power Source!

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There’s an old story told of a native from a remote mountain village who had the opportunity to visit a large modern city for the first time. He could not bring much home with him, and he had little money. But he was amazed at the electric lights which he saw everywhere.

So he bought a sack full of electric light bulbs and sockets with switches so he could turn them off and on.

Arriving home he hung the light bulbs in front of his home and on his and his neighbor’s trees. Everyone watched him with curiosity and asked him what he was doing, but he just smiled and said, “Just wait until dark, you’ll see.”

When night came he turned on the switches, but nothing happened.

No one had told him about electricity. He did not know the light bulbs were useless unless connected to the source of their power.

Jesus said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” There are many people today who do not know that the way they are living their lives is useless. They got the right education. They got the right job. They created their family. They bought their nice home. But when the sun sets and the dark nights come, they reach for the switch and nothing happens. They do not know that there is a Power Source, which makes all these things light up!

Thanks to Brett Blair

How have YOU been connecting to the Power Source to turn on the Inner Lights for YOUR Soul?


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