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There is a scene in the Hollywood motion picture, Ben-Hur. Ben-Hur is by a well, and he is filthy, stooped in the dirt, and overcome with a fierce thirst.

The camera focuses on Ben-Hur’s face. His countenance is twisted in misery. Then the shadow of a man crosses his visage. We do not see the man. The camera remains fixed on Ben-Hur’s face. The man offers Ben-Hur water.

As Ben-Hur lifts his wretched face to behold the merciful stranger, we see a sudden radiance transform his face. We know instantly, by the radical change of his countenance, that when he lifts his head he looks directly into the face of Jesus. A God Flash

What a difference it makes when someone is in the presence of Jesus. When someone is in the presence of Jesus he may not regain his physical hearing, but still he hears things he’s never heard before. He hears words of assurance and love and hope. A God Whisper

He may not regain his physical vision. But he sees things he’s never seen before inwardly. He sees the face of God.

Thanks for the insights of King Duncan

How has the presence of Jesus made a difference in your life?

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