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The Quiet Helper!

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Last Sunday we celebrated Pentecost, the day when the Holy Spirit came upon the Church and has been very busy in our lives ever since…….

As I see it, the Holy Spirit is graciously and unobtrusively busy all over the place. The Quiet Helper. The Unpretentious Friend.

The Helper is quietly at work:

in the sincere concern of a friend for our health,
in those who take a stand against injustice,
in the grace of folk who go the second mile,
in the inner resources we discover in times of crisis,
in those who dare to go against the tide of popular opinion,
in the grace that enables us to admit when we are wrong,
in the resilience of people who fight for the rights of others,
in those who surrender some of their rights for the larger good,
in times when we share the Gospel in spite of our inadequacy,
in finding joy in unexpected places,
in taking on responsibilities that we once thought beyond us,
in refusing to let the greed of society take over our soul,
in giving thanks always, even through the hard times of life,
in rising above past failures and putting past hurts behind us.
in finding a central core of peace in the midst of turmoil,
in daring to laugh in situations where some would curse,
in knowing ourselves to be children of God,
in knowing ourselves loved, even when we have been very unlovable.

Special thanks to Bruce D. Prewer for these Pentecost Thoughts
Thanks to Birkant Cakar for the picture

In reading the above list, where do YOU see the Holy Spirit as the Quiet Helper in YOUR life?


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