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Dynamite is a powerful device for blowing away part of a mountain, but for the purpose of blowing out candles on a birthday cake, it is not very effective. 

Nuclear-tipped missiles are great for destroying life as we know it on this planet, but if the purpose is to cleanse our hearts of hate and to help people to find their way to peace with God and with each other, then a nuclear bomb is not the kind of power that is needed. 

The power that is needed is the power to accomplish a purpose. This is the kind of power that Jesus claims. He does not claim a power of coercion, but the power of persuasion. He does not claim a power of force, but a power of devotion from within. He does not claim a dictatorial power, but the power where people can freely choose.

The words of Robert Allen

I want to be so filled with Jesus,
That if a mosquito bites me, 
It flies away singing, 
“There is power in the Blood of Jesus!” 

Think of a situation where Jesus gave YOU the power that YOU needed to pull through.

I hope you will enjoy the depiction of Jesus I’ve given of him living in our world today in my new novel, THE GATHERING. It’s quite a story. Please check it out on Amazon Books…..

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