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The Right Spirit!

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There is always another great story to be told about Yogi Berra. 

The New York Yankees were at their peak and were negotiating contracts for the next year. A group of reporters interviewed players as they emerged from the owner’s office, and one of them asked Yogi Berra about the terms of his contract. 

In his characteristically, plain-spoken style, he said, “I’m gonna get to play baseball again next year for the Yankees, and would you believe it, they’re gonna pay me besides!”

That’s the spirit of gainful employment, doing what you love to do and do well and getting paid for it besides. 

If the workers who’d worked all day had this attitude about their work in Jesus’ Parable, they wouldn’t have resented those who only got to work one hour and were paid the same amount. (Matthew 20:1-16). 

When you’re in the right vocation and you’ve got the right spirit, then the longer you work, the better. God’s justice arises out of a gracious invitation to use your innate gifts and abilities to the glory of God and to the benefit of others. 

In the long run, money or recognition or praise has little to do with it.

Special thanks to Philip W. McLarty for sharing this. Thanks to Pixaby for the photo. 

Is this how YOU have felt about YOUR work in life – doing what YOU love to do and do well and getting paid for it besides?


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