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The Road to Holiness

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The Road to Holiness

A seeker after truth came to a saint for guidance.
“Tell me, wise one, how did you become holy?”

“Two words.”
“And what are they, please?”

Right choices.”
The seeker was fascinated. “How does one learn to choose rightly?”

“One word.”
“One word! May I have it, please?” the seeker asked.

The seeker was thrilled. “How does one grow?”

“Two words.”
“What are they, pray tell?”

Wrong choices.”

I believe that this is God’s purpose in times of testing, to help us grow and to show us that we have the faith and the ability to stand up to our being tested so that we will trust God in difficult times. A God Alert

The only way God can show us that God is in control……

Is to put us into situations we can’t control.

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