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In the operating room of a large hospital, a young nurse was completing her first full day of responsibilities.

“You’ve only removed 11 sponges, doctor,” she said to the surgeon. “We used 12.”

“I removed them all,” the doctor declared. “We’ll close the incision now.”

“No,” the nurse objected. “We used 12 sponges.”

“I’ll take full responsibility,” the surgeon said grimly. “Suture!”

“You can’t do that!” blazed the nurse. “Think of the patient.”

The surgeon smiled, lifted his foot, and showed the nurse the 12th sponge. “You’ll do,” he said.

If you were the young nurse in the operating room that day, what would you have said to the surgeon?  Would you say, “Think of the patient!” Are you sure?

What are some other examples in your life today where you have taken a stand for the truth and the downtrodden, no matter what? 

Who are the people in your life today who cause you to compromise what you have known from childhood to be true and right?


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