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The Ungoofer!

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There was a woman who called her bank to report an error. She was transferred from one person to another, from office to office, and there was a lot of talk, but no help.

At last, the eighth person proved to be calmly and sympathetically helpful. He was genuinely pleasant, thoroughly efficient, even friendly. When they finished their business, the woman said, “You’re great! What is your position in the bank?” He answered, “I’m the ungoofer.”

The ungoofer! Most of us need one now and again. And we have one. That lady had a lot of trouble getting through to the bank’s ungoofer. But you and I have no difficulty at all in getting through to ours, if we really try.

In fact, we have an appointment with him each and every day. All we need to do is to keep our appointment. He has kept his. We are now in touch with the One who forgives, untangles, heals – ungoofs. If there are tangles and snarls, messes and mix-ups, tell him about them – and trust him. A God Touch

The Lord’s plan was not cancelled because of a mistake you made…….

The Lord can make your wrongs right.

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