The Very Thing We Need!

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There was a doctor who received a call late at night to come to the hospital. 

Someone was near death and needed a physician’s attention and death was certain. The hospital was 30 miles away in another town. The doctor dressed and took off in his car. 

At a stoplight a man jumped into his car, pulled a gun, and told the doctor to get out. “I need your car. Get out,” was all he said. The doctor got out and had to find another way to get to the hospital. 

When he finally arrived the nurse met him and told him the woman just died. “You are too late, Doctor. But would you go and say a word to the husband. He is weeping uncontrollably in the family lounge.”

When the doctor entered the lounge he found the husband in a corner. To his great surprise he discovered that the husband was the very man who pulled the gun on him because he needed his car to get to the hospital. 

Sometimes we push out of our lives the very thing that can help us to live. It might be the church, it might be prayer and reading the Bible, Christian friends, or a nudge to make a clear commitment. It might be taking the step of accepting the invitation to the marriage feast that Jesus invited us to in last Sunday’s Gospel. (Matthew 22:1-14).

Thanks to George S. Johnson for these words. Thanks to Thought Catalogue for the photo. 

Who or what have YOU pushed out of YOUR life that would help YOU to live?


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