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The Voice of God!

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Be careful of those who claim now to see the future with a kind of clarity and security. In crises “false Messiahs” always appear who ignore the freedom of the people to build their own future, and who close themselves to the action of God entering into the life and history of His people. God acts in the simplicity of open hearts, in the patience of those who pause until they can see clearly. 

Discerning what is and is not of God, we begin to see where and how to act. When we find where God’s mercy is waiting to overflow, we can open the gates, and work with people of goodwill to bring about the necessary changes. 

How do we distinguish the spirits? They speak different languages; they use different ways to reach our hearts. The voice of God never imposes but proposes, whereas the enemy is strident, insistent, and even monotonous. The voice of God might correct us, but gently, always encouraging, consoling, giving us hope. 

The bad spirit on the other hand offers us dazzling illusions and tempting sensations, but they are fleeting. It exploits our fears and suspicions, and seduces us with wealth and prestige. If we ignore it, it responds with contempt and accusation, telling us: You’re worthless. 

The voice of the enemy distracts us from the present by getting us to focus on fears of the future or the sadness of the past. The voice of God, on the other hand, speaks to the present, helping us to move ahead in the here and now. What comes from God asks: “What is good for me, what is good for us?”

The voice of God opens your horizons, whereas the enemy pins you against a wall. Where the good spirit gives you hope, the bad spirit sows suspicion, anxiety, and finger-pointing. The good spirit appeals to my desire to do good, to help and serve, and gives me strength to go forward on the right path. 

The bad spirit, conversely, closes me in on myself, and makes me rigid and intolerant. It is the spirit of fear and grievance. It makes me sad, fearful and irritable. Rather than freeing me, it enslaves me. Rather than opening me up to the present and the future, it encloses me in fear and resignation. 

Learning to distinguish these two kinds of “voices” allows us to choose the right path forward, which is not always the most obvious, and to avoid making decisions while trapped in past hurts or in fears of the future that risk immobilizing us. 

Words of Pope Francis from his book, “Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future,” page 61-62.  Simon & Schuster, December, 2020. 

Thanks to Unsplash for the photo. 

What does the Voice of God sound like to YOU when God speaks to YOU?


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