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The Warning

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William Willimon tells the story of a funeral he attended when he was serving as a pastor in a small congregation in rural Georgia. 

Willimon and his wife attended the funeral held in an off-brand, country Baptist church. He writes: “I had never seen anything like it. The preacher began to preach. He shouted and he flailed his arms. ‘It’s too late for Joe. He’s dead. But it ain’t too late for you. People drop dead every day. Why wait? Now is the day for decision. Give your life to Jesus.’ “

Willimon says that this was the worst thing he had ever seen or heard in a church. He fumed and fussed at his wife, complaining that the preacher had done the worst thing possible for a grieving family – he manipulated them with guilt and shame while their hearts were broken.

His wife agreed. But then she said: “Of course the worst part of it all is that what he said is true.”

What are YOU waiting for? The scientists and the medical research people will never find the vaccine we need to keep us alive for all eternity. 

It Is a Serious Thing Just To Be Alive On This Fresh Morning In Our Troubled World! So Praise God!!

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