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The Warts on Cable News

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Twenty-five years ago when he retired as CEO of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company Donald R. Keough spoke to the graduating class of Emory University.

To those young men and women who would soon be facing a very tough and critical world, Keough said, “I have an architect friend who says, ‘I can take the newest building, built by the finest builders anywhere in the world, and if you give me a camera and the ability to focus various lenses, I can make that building look like it’s about to fall down because I will find five or six minor imperfections, focus on them and convince you that the entire structure is about to topple.'”

Twenty-five years later, a handful of people on cable news stations focus the camera of life on the events of the day. If you and I allow these talking heads to use their cameras to focus on our lives, then we will be often disappointed, frequently fearful and generally miserable.

We need to be wary of those who want to focus their camera forever on the warts and blemishes and shortcomings of other people for little more than selfish reasons
. A God Alert

It happened to Jesus
. It is now happening to you and me as well.

Lent is the best time of year to take a serious break from cable news

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