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This is YOUR Season for Spiritual Growth

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Some years ago, a study was done by an agricultural school in Iowa. 

It reported that production of a hundred bushels of corn from one acre of land required 4,000,000 lbs. of water, 6,800 lbs. of oxygen, 5,200 lbs. of carbon, 160 lbs. of nitrogen, 125 lbs. of potassium, 75 lbs. of yellow sulphur and other elements too numerous to list. 

In addition to these ingredients are required rain and sunshine at the right times. Although many hours of the farmer’s labor are also needed, it was estimated that only 5 percent of the produce of a farm can be attributed to the efforts of a man or a woman. Ninety-five percent is up to God and Nature!

So it is in spiritual realms:     God causes the growth.

Saint Paul says:  “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow.”(1 Cor. 3:6–7).

God has equipped YOU to handle many things, often difficult things.
In fact, God has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside of you.
You just have to water those seeds with God’s Word and God’s Sacraments to make them grow!

Spiritual Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been here before. 
You’ve never lived this version of you. 
So let God give you a little grace
And the TWO OF YOU will do just great together.

What seeds of discipline and self-control in YOU need watering?

What makes YOU feel uncomfortable when you hear the words, “Spiritual Growth”? 
Why do you say that?

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