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“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” So often we hear this phrase or we use it ourselves. The idea is: “Leave well enough alone!”

This phrase, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” fits well in this world. But it is not what Jesus or the Father in heaven would say to us. They would rather say: “If you’re not broken, I can’t use you! If you’ll only admit to your humanness, your weaknesses and your selfishness, you can be my servant.”  A God Alert

How clearly this stares us in the face in our Gospel reading (John 13:1-15) this Holy Thursday. The disciples and Jesus arrive in the upper room to celebrate the Passover and someone very important is missing. In fact, they are all shocked at who is not there! How could this host rent them a room and be so insensitive? 

Who was missing? The servant who was needed to wash their feet! So who would do it? They were even more shocked to see Jesus become the servant and begin to wash their feet. 

Peter objected and made a big issue out of it. Why? Not so much because Jesus was washing his feet, but because of what it implied. Peter would have to from this day forward wash the feet of other people….people he didn’t like or couldn’t stand. 

Jesus became a servant so his disciples could become saints. 

We say that we care for our children when they are young so that they’ll take care of us when we are old. Jesus’ intention was a lot sooner than that and a lot more penetrating.  

By getting down and washing feet, Jesus was giving himself away. He was becoming broken, not by sin, but by servanthood. 

The goal in life is to become broken, not by sin, but by servanthood. Servanthood brings joy and freedom. We must think of our work, our lives, and our relationships as opportunities to serve. 

Think about, reflect and meditate today on all the doctors, nurses, health professionals, volunteers, paramedics, food store cashiers and stockers, our police and fire fighters, research scientists, civic leaders, and yes, even our garbage collectors – Who are all putting in long, long hours in a life-threating environment to SERVE US. THEY ARE DOING MUCH MORE THAN SIMPLY WASHING OUR FEET!

God has 3 kinds of servants in this world – 

Some are slaves – they serve God out of fear.

Some are hired hands – they serve for what they will get out of it.

The last servants are God’s children – they serve because they are lovers.

Which of the 3 servants of God are you like during this coronavirus pandemic?

I would especially love to hear from you and how you are doing during this pandemic along with your comments, questions and suggestions. My email address is: This is the address I check throughout the day. 

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Fr. Med Laz

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