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To Preach and to Practice!

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There were identical twin brothers who lived in the same town. One was a physician and the other was a pastor. 

One Monday morning, the doctor ran into someone who said, “That was a marvelous sermon you preached last Sunday.” 

Oh, no,” the doctor protested, “you’ve got the wrong man. That was my brother. He preaches and I practice.” 

There is a lot to be said for that. John the Baptist preached but he also practiced what he preached and his influence has been felt by humanity throughout the rest of history. 

I came to this stark realization in my own life 20 years ago. Doctors along with their MRI’s said that my prostate cancer had spread to my spine and my neck. I had my prostate removed and I was blessed that it had not spread. Then in the next 6 months my older brother and my aunt and cousin died, all of whom I was very close to. 

I knew it was time. I had been preaching at the pulpit for 30 years. For the last 25 years I’ve been practicing what I preached through my work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Thanks for all of your great help that has made this possible for me!

I’m sure in YOUR lifetime you have “preached” to your children and to others. How have YOU wound up “practicing” what YOU preached to them?


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