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We blame society, yet we fail to realize
that each and every one of us makes up society.

Everyone should realize that we are each
living, breathing human beings;
all with our own struggles.

We all go home and stare in the mirror
wishing we could be someone different,
we all struggle to find our place in this world, and
We.   All.   Have.  Our.   Own.   Struggles. 

So why go out of your way
to make someone else’s worse, 
when you can simply move on with your life, 
or even better, 
help someone else out for a change.

Because, you see, 
if you live in a world where everyone blames society,
you might as well blame yourself, 
because you are a part 
of society too.

By Julie Martinez

In what ways are YOU working to bring about The Common Good in your community and in our country? 

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