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To Tell the Truth!

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Boy, at all times tell the truth,
Let no lie defile thy mouth;
If thou’rt wrong, be still the same —
Speak the truth and bear the blame.

Truth is honest, truth is sure;
Truth is strong, and must endure;
Falsehood lasts a single day,
Then it vanishes away.

Boy, at all times tell the truth,
Let no lie defile thy mouth;
Truth is steadfast, sure, and fast —
Certain to prevail at last.

Author Unknown

In contrast to some Eastern spiritual traditions, Western Christianity understands the world as existing on its own separate from our minds and regardless of what we believe about it. 

So either the climate is slowly warming or it is not slowly warming, but whether it is warming or not is not dependent on me believing it is. Either Joe Biden received more votes or Donald Trump did, but me believing one way or the other does not change the actual number.

Our beliefs do matter, however, because they motivate our actions. It is in our own best interest to make sure our minds align with reality, or our choices will be poor ones. 

I may not believe in gravity, for example, but if I jump off my apartment balcony, I’m going to hit the ground at the same speed as someone who does. It is not reality that is in danger. It is me!

From an article by Ann Garrido, an associate professor of homiletics at Aquinas Institute in St. Louis and a conflict facilitator. 

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How do YOUR beliefs line up with REALITY?  How do YOUR beliefs line up with THE TRUTH? 


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