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Too Important Not to Share

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A Mercedes-Benz TV commercial shows one of their cars colliding with a concrete wall during a safety test. Someone then asks a Mercedes engineer why their company does not enforce their patent on their car’s energy-absorbing car body.

The Mercedes’ design has been copied by almost every other car maker in the world in spite of the fact that they have an exclusive patent.

The engineer replies in a clipped German accent, “Because in life, some things are just too important not to share.”

Wow! What a great statement. Some things in life are just too important not to share.

As Christians we believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ is one of those things that is too important not to share. No, that is an understatement.

We believe that Jesus Christ MUST be shared with our friends, our neighbors, the world. The work of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ we call evangelism. A God Notice

The Christian faith has been advanced through the ages by people who were willing to take upon themselves the responsibility of being evangeliststhose who spread the Good News of Christ.

Thanks to King Duncan

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News.” Romans 10:15

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