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Trust me when I say –
When it is right
Everything that you love ruthlessly
Will love you back
With the same conviction.
Trust me when I say —
When it is right,
The things you reach for in life,
The things you deeply hope for,
They will reach back.
And I promise you,
When that happens
You will understand that
All of the things you ached for
That did not work out,
All of the hearts that failed
To appreciate the home
You made for them
Inside of yourself,
They were not the things
That broke you, 
Or ruined you,
Or made you less worthy.
No, instead,
You will see that they built you.
They taught you about yourself. 
They led you to the person
You were born to be,
And they guided you
To the person
You were meant to be with.
They shaped you. 
They challenged you.
They grew you.

Nikki Banas

Please take some time to reflect on these words. Try to discover the underlying truth that you never considered before. 

The Poorest Person On Earth Who Is Friends With God….Is Richer Than the Richest Person Who Is Not Friends With God. 


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