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There has long been debate as to which is the speedier, truth or error. Which spreads faster, a false report or a denial?

Some have maintained that truth has sturdier and surer wings. Others contend that fiction and careless rumor find more willing tongues to speed them on their way. 

Long ago, Tacitus (56 – 120 AD), the Roman historian, gave his judgment in these words: “Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay…….Falsehood by haste and uncertainty.”

Truth or falsehood are often determined today by the TV station you watch or the emails you read. How much time and effort do YOU spend to get at the truth, like it or not? Or do you just readily accept what your favorite TV station tells you?

The Black Sheep is sometimes the only one telling the truth. 

A lie doesn’t become truth,
A wrong doesn’t become right and
Evil doesn’t become good
Just because it’s accepted

By a lot of people. 

Don’t worry much about the haters. They’re just a bunch of people who get angry because the truth contradicts the lies they live. 

When were YOU a Black Sheep, the only one who was telling the truth?

I’m scheduled to have total hip replacement of my right hip today. I’d appreciate a prayer or two.   Blessings, Fr. Med Laz


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