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Try Counting God’s Graces

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In so many of Jesus’ parables and teachings, we find the message of his parable or teaching to be shocking.

Again and again in his parables, sermons, and actions, Jesus startles us. Things are not like they are supposed to be. The stories don’t end as we expected. The Good Guys turn out to be the Bad Guys.

The ones we expected to receive a reward get chastised . . . The least are the greatest. The immoral receive forgiveness and blessing. Adults become like children. The religious miss the heavenly banquet… The kingdom surprises us again and again by turning our world upside down. A God Notice

And indeed, a story in which those who labor only one hour receive the same reward as those who toil all day long confounds our usual ways of thinking. Philip Yancey asserts that there is an “atrocious mathematics” at the heart of the gospel. Writes Yancey, “Jesus’ story makes no economic sense, and that was his intention.

Jesus was giving us a parable about grace, which cannot be calculated like a day’s wages. Grace is not about finishing last or first….IT IS ABOUT NOT COUNTING.” God’s Graces are so many……They cannot be counted…. Grace is when God gives us things we don’t deserve…. Mercy is when God spares us from things we deserve…..

Blessings are when God is generous with both….. God is so good all the time…

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