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Unsung Heroes

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Everyday somewhere in the world
another unsung hero is born.
Someone who is waiting 
to lay his or her life on the line
to save another living creature
on this wonderful planet of ours.
To go out of their way, 
and risk life and limb to save someone.

From danger and certain defeat
these unsung heroes don’t want medals, 
glory or even fame.
In fact, most would walk away afterwards,
without anyone ever knowing their name. 
It is not that they feel guilty.
They just feel that they haven’t done
anything that is special

or something someone else
wouldn’t have probably done.
Therefore, to all those unsung heroes
this poem is just for you. 
For all the lives that you save
each and every day. 

By David Harris

Think of a time when YOU were an unsung hero. What did it feel like inside of you?

What unsung hero that you saw or heard about this past month, left their mark on you?  

Over the years I have found the CBS “On the Road” Series to be not only inspiring, but attitude-changing. The video clips are less than 3-minutes long, but I watch them over and over to help me become a better, kinder, and more compassionate person. I offer a few comments BEFORE and AFTER your viewing. 

Please be sure to watch NEWSPAPER DELIVERY MAN TURNS INTO A GROCERY LIFELINE. I sent it to you on Friday, May 1st. I’ve watched it over a dozen times and I am still getting something special from watching it again. Do Enjoy Watching It With Your Family!!

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