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We Are All Still Children!

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Sometimes it is difficult to remember, but it remains nonetheless true, that not too long ago we were all children. 

For most children, faith is unwavering. Joy is a natural state. They seldom worry. They laugh and play a lot. They live in a world of wondrous anticipation where miracles are commonplace. 

Actually, nothing has really changed now that we have become adults except our attitudes and the way we choose to see things. The wonder, the mystery, the magic, the source of amusement are all still there if we look.    

Miracles can occur anywhere. When someone cares, when years of animosity and resentment disappear in one act of compassion, when indifference is wiped away by an  outstretched  hand offered to help, when a human life is changed by one simple act of love – these are indeed miracles. 

In a world where pessimism and cynicism are valued, “anything is possible” has such a refreshing, hopeful sound to it. 

The next time you need a miracle, don’t wait for it to happen. You have the power to create a miracle.

Thanks to Unsplash for the photo.

What miracle in YOUR life are YOU a witness to?


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