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The painter Rubens is recognized even today as a genius. His work has been so influential that we sometimes talk about the “Rubinesque” figure.

Rubens was also quite a businessman. Unlike many other immortal artists, Rubens was fortunate enough to taste the fruits of success while he was still alive. He was highly commissioned for his work. 

In fact he was so highly compensated that he opened what one writer called a painting factory. He hired a school of pupils, and started an assembly line! He made the initial drawings and the pupils filled them in. Then with a few master strokes, he completed the paintings. 

Now consider who we are. We are students in Christ’s school. We are not masters. We simply fill in the sketches he has already begun.When we have done all we can, he provides finishing touches to produce a masterpiece.   A God Touch

To understand our role in such a way relieves us of the burden of being sufficient in our own abilities to do what he has called us to do. We are his students, his servants, his apprentices. Jesus is the Master. 

How cool it is that the same God who created mountains and oceans and galaxies, thought of you, and felt THE WORLD NEEDED ONE OF YOU TOO!

Thanks to King Duncan for his thoughts. 

What has Jesus sketched for you in your life along with his finishing touches?

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