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We Need Help!

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You may be old enough to remember Richard J. Daley who was mayor of Chicago for 21 years (1955-1976). Mayor Daley was known as a rather forbidding guy to work for. 

One of Mayor Daley’s speech writers came in and demanded a raise. Mayor Daley responded as could be expected. He said “I’m not going to give you a raise. You are getting paid more than enough already. It should be enough for you that you are working for a great American hero like myself.” And that was the end of it…or so the mayor thought.

Two weeks later Mayor Daley was on his way to give a speech to a convention of veterans. The speech was going to receive nationwide attention. 

One other thing Mayor Daly was famous for was not reading his speeches until he got up to deliver them. So there he stood before a vast throng of veterans and nationwide press coverage. He began to describe the plight of the veterans: 

“I’m concerned for you. I have a heart for you. I am deeply convinced that this country needs to take care of its veterans. So, today I am proposing a seventeen point plan that includes the city, state and federal government, to care for the veterans of this country.” 

By this time everyone, including Mayor Daley, was on the edge of their seat to hear what the proposal was. He turned the page and saw only these words: “You’re on your own now, you great American hero.”

I don’t know if Daley learned anything at that moment. With his great ego perhaps he did not. But he should have learned that all of us, no matter how great we think we are, need help. We need advocates who work behind the scenes to make us who we are.

God has an advocate for YOU. She is the Holy Spirit.

Thanks to Journey Toward God, p. 33 (Zondervan) for this story and Brett Blair. Thanks to Sydney Rae for the picture

How has the Holy Spirit been working in YOUR life to help YOU to see the light that God wants YOU to see?


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