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Wednesday Worry Box!

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Over the years at the very end of a movie I sometimes notice that it was a Rank Production. I once met a man who worked for the company. He shared with me a bit of its history. 

J. Arthur Rank got into the movie business when he taught religious education in the Methodist Church in England. He started out making religious movies. He was a very devoted Christian his entire life. 

Yet Rank found he couldn’t push his worries out of his mind completely. His worries were always slipping back in. So he finally made a pact with God to limit his worrying to Wednesday. He even made himself a little Wednesday Worry Box and he placed it on his desk. Whenever a worry cropped up, Rank wrote it out and dropped it into the Wednesday Worry Box.

Would you like to know his amazing discovery? When Wednesday rolled around, he would open that box to find that only a third of the items he had written down were still worth worrying about. The rest had managed to resolve themselves. 

If you have a troubled heart, ask God to give you a new perspective. Also ask God to give you patience so that you do not jump ahead and worry about a problem that may never come. But most important of all, ask God for more faith. Faith in God is the best remedy for all your problems. Jesus put it plainly, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me.”  (John 14:1)

Thanks to King Duncan for sharing. Thanks to Cottonbro Studio for the picture. 

What are a couple of the items YOU would put in today’s Wednesday Worry Box?


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