Weekly Messages

My Weekly Messages

A Painful Pilgrim!

On November 29, 2002 the world was very surprised when the diary of Mother Teresa was made public. We learned

A Time To Be Reborn!

There is an ancient Jewish parable about twin unborn brothers lying together in the womb.  One believes that there is

You’re In the Picture!

A worldwide survey was done throughout the world on recognizable symbols. The Olympic symbol of the five linked rings was

Where Is Your Treasure?

It was 3:00 AM on a cold, rainy morning when a doctor was awakened by an emergency phone call. He

Our Broken World

One day a young boy was anxiously awaiting his father to come home from work. He had games he wanted

Structural Injustice

One man was talking to his friend and he exclaimed: “My wife and I had a bang up fight last night.”