Weekly Messages

My Weekly Messages

Made By God

In today’s Gospel (Matt 22:15-21), the Pharisees are trying to trip up Jesus. They wanted to get rid of him,

Check Out the Cost!

One day I was shopping for a birthday card for a friend of mine who was divorced and the mother

Crossing the Line

Today, Jesus tells us a very puzzling parable (Matt 21:33-43). Why would the owner of the vineyard send his own

Trust Me When I Say….

Trust me when I say –When it is rightEverything that you love ruthlesslyWill love you backWith the same conviction.Trust me

Saying YES to God

There was an elderly man who was confined to his bed at home. One day a priest came to see

Our God Is Not Fair!

Today Jesus tells us a story that most of us do not like very much. The owner of a vineyard