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What a Friend We Have in Jesus!

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It was the first day back to school after Christmas vacation, and the teacher used a good bit of the morning by going around the room and asking each child to tell how they spent Christmas.

The first boy said, “Well, we are Catholics and we went to midnight mass and came home and went right to bed. The next morning we had a big breakfast and sat around the Christmas tree and opened all our presents.”

The second child then told her experience. “We are United Methodists but we did about the same thing. We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service and came home and went to bed. We had a big Christmas breakfast and then opened all our presents.”

The third child then said, “Well we aren’t Christians. But we did have a big breakfast and opened presents around the tree. Then we all got into the car and went downtown to my dad’s store. He showed us all the empty shelves. Then he showed us all the money he made.

“Then we made a circle around the cash register, joined hands, and sang, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”‘

Thanks to James S. Hewett for sharing.

How did your Christmas go beyond the material and the commercial aspects of the Season?

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