What Batteries Are YOU Re-Charging in Church?

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An Italian newspaper recently carried a story about a young couple in Milan who seemed particularly devoted in their worship.

The priest at a cathedral there reported that the pair spent an hour or more on a regular basis sitting before a statue of the Virgin Mary. Naturally, he assumed they were praying.

Turns out, this young couple was recharging their cell phones. They had noticed a stray electric cable sticking out of the wall behind the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Whenever their phone’s power supply dwindled, the young couple came to the church and re-charged it from the cable behind the Virgin Mary. The priest states that the young couple is welcome to use his church for this purpose. A God Provide

We talk about coming to church to “re-charge our batteries,” but this is ridiculous.

What looked to the unobservant eye like an act of piety was actually a self-serving ploy to save money. This young couple was using the church for their own purposes.

And we’re shocked, shocked, I tell you until we realize that we may be guilty of the same thing.

Jesus will only prove to be our Savior when our idols and our smart phones fail us.

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