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Each one of us has our own perception of what God is like and how God should act in various situations.

Look at what happens when we are sick. We ask God to help make us well. This is fine and dandy. But our sickness may be the very way that we draw close to God.

A couple of years ago my prostate cancer surgeon had a benefit dinner. One of his patients at the dinner said to me: “It took my operation for cancer and radiation treatments to get me back to a closer relationship with God.” I turned and said to him, “And it took my prostate cancer operation to change the whole direction of my life. I now am very involved in helping materially poor people in Haiti.”

You and I expect God to help us when we are sick and with our difficulties. And God does help us in a whole variety of ways. But sometimes it is our illness or our problems that God uses to help us to focus on what is really important in our lives. When we expect God to act in a certain way, we can become blind to what God is really trying to accomplish in our lives.

The world is full of miracles for the eyes that see!

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