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It has been said that 1/3 of people today spend most of their lives denying reality. There is an elephant in their living room and they don’t want to talk about it. They don’t have much energy. They will talk about anything else, but not the elephant in the room. “What elephant?” Life controls them.

Also, 1/3 of people alive today are having a conversion experience. Reality has hit them – This is not the way to live. There is a rebirth, a springtime within them. They feel a surge of energy. They see and deal with life as it really is. “My God! There is an elephant in here! Get that big beast out of here!” They begin to take control of their lives.

Finally, 1/3 of the people today are into the Joy of Living. They are a witness of how great life can be. They have opened their eyes and their hearts to the wonders of living. There is a day-to-day peace and joy within that everyone can’t help but notice. No matter the problem or the issue, it is talked about and resolved. No games are played, no “Read my mind”. They are never depressed or down. They are delighted to say, “Let’s go to the zoo and feed peanuts to the elephant.” They control their lives.

Where is God – Father, Son and Spirit found, loved, celebrated and worshipped?
In 2/3 of the world where people are having a conversion experience and are into the Joy of Living.

When there’s an elephant in your room…..Introduce him!

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