What Kind of Giver Are You!

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There are three kinds of givers: the flint, the sponge, and the honeycomb. Which kind are you?

To get anything from the flint, you must hammer it. Yet, all you get are chips and sparks. The flint gives nothing away if it can help it, and even then only with a great display.

To get anything from the sponge, you must squeeze it. It readily yields to pressure and the more it is pressed, the more it gives. Still, one has to squeeze it.

To get anything from the honeycomb, however, one must only take what freely flows from it. It gives its sweetness generously, dripping on all without pressure, without begging or badgering.

The honeycomb is a renewable resource. Unlike the flint or the sponge, the honeycomb is connected to life. It is the product of the ongoing work and creative energy of bees. If you share like a honeycomb gives, your life will be continually replenished and grow as you give.

When we share we freely give and we acknowledge that all we have is on loan and others have as much right to the things of God’s creation as we do. A God Notice

Keith Wagner helped with this.

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