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What Makes YOU Blush?

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When Elvis Presley first appeared on television on the Ed Sullivan show, the cameras would only show him from the shoulders up. Compare that with MTV, where little is left to the imagination. 

When Clark Gable uttered a mild oath in Gone With the Wind, it was a nationwide sensation. Today obscenities spew forth from our televisions. Little children use words that would make sailors blush. 

When film star Ingrid Bergman abandoned her husband to live with Roberto Rossellini, her film career in this country plummeted. Today, such behavior would not cause a ripple. What is it that makes you blush? 

Part of the problem is that we no longer have models of morality to inspire us. The philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once summed up morals and ethics in the question “Who are your heroes?” There aren’t very many heroes of morality around anymore. 

As Mark Twain said, “It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” 

Thanks to King Duncan for these thoughts

I guess Michael Jordan can use all the Four-Letter Words he wants to on ESPN’s “The Last Dance” and most people could care less about it and about the Four-Letter Words their children and grandchildren are learning to use as normal in their every-day speech. 

Just two months ago our heroes wore a helmet, swung a bat and bounced a ball. Today, I hope we have come to realize that our true heroes are the ones who WEAR SCRUBS. 

Morality is Necessary
When Spirituality is Absent.

A Lie doesn’t become Truth, 
Wrong doesn’t become Right,
Evil doesn’t become Good, 
Just because it is Accepted 
By a Majority of People. 

When it comes to what is the Truth, Right and Good Morals, Honesty and Integrity —  what are YOU modeling and passing on to our Young People? 

Just maybe, we will come to see that these virtues really do matter in the Age of the Pandemic when so many people are dying because of a lack of these virtues. 

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