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What Peace Means!

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The peace Jesus gives to us through the Holy Spirit is more than we can ever imagine:

Peace means the cessation of all warfare, but it also means much more.
Peace means a feeling of inner well-being, but it also means much more.
Peace means an end to psychological tensions, but it also means much more.
Peace means halting interpersonal conflicts, but it also means much more. 
Peace means the settling of silence on the soul, but it also means much more.

In Valyermo, California, the Benedictine monks have converted a 400-acre ranch into a religious community called St. Andrew’s Priory. As you enter the grounds, you find that a sign has been posted that reads: “No Hunting Except for Peace.”

The world is hunting for peace. 

Thanks to Leonard Sweet.   Thanks to Ebru Yilmaz for the photo

How are YOU hunting for peace, for YOURSELF and for the world around YOU?


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