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What Songs Do YOU Like to Sing?

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The French have a story about a millionaire in his palace who spent his days counting his gold. Beside the palace was a poor cobbler who spent his days singing as he repaired people’s shoes.

The joyful singing irritated the rich man. One day he decided to give some gold coins to the cobbler. At first the cobbler was overjoyed, and he took the coins and hid them.

But then he would be worried and go back to check if the coins were still there. Then he would be worried in case someone had seen him, and he would move the coins and hide them in another place. During all this, he ceased to sing.

Then one day he realized that he had ceased to sing because of the gold coins. He took them back to the rich man and said, “Take back your coins and give me back my songs.” A God Notice

With help from Gerry Pierse

The older you get, the more you realize that life isn’t about material things or pride or ego…..It’s about our hearts…..and who they beat for.

If material things are what you’re talking about when you say. “I’m blessed!”
You have no idea what a blessing is.

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