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What We Don’t Control

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When we wait, we admit there are some things that are not under our control. Most of us like to believe that we are in control. We imagine that we are masters of our destinies.

If we work hard enough, if we are sufficiently prepared, if we just concentrate, we can make life work. And we can. To a point.

There are some things, however, that can’t be hurried. Recuperation from surgery, the grief process, a young person learning responsibility.

Shakespeare put it like this, “How poor are they that have no patience. What wound did ever heal but by degrees?”

John R. Claypool has wisely said, “Let’s face it, there are two kinds of reality in this world of ours. There are the things you have to work for, and there are the things you have to wait for.” But we don’t want to wait. A God Tap

Thanks to King Duncan

Never give up on something you really want……
It is difficult to WAIT, but more difficult to REGRET.

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