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Pat Kenny is a friend of mine who was a golf pro at a country club for many years. After Pat had been retired for several years I asked him what he was doing to stay busy. Pat shared with me that he was giving golf lessons to kids with Down’s Syndrome. He said they often swing and miss. But when they swing and hit the ball their joy knows no bounds.

“I’ve been giving golf lessons for over 50 years,” Pat shared, “but nothing gives me the joy I feel when one of those kids hits the ball 50 or 60 yards.

is the infallible sign of the presence of God.

We all have a calling from God!
When you cannot sleep at night, have you ever thought maybe it is God saying to you: “We need to talk and now you have the time.”

God may or may not be calling you and me to go to church. God is calling you and me to be his Church.

Every day do something like Pat Kenny did that will lead you closer and closer to God.

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