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Some of us older folks remember the opening of “The Wide World of Sports” on ABC each weekend. Jim McKay would say, “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”

As he said, “the agony of defeat,” we saw a skier who appeared to be in good form as he headed down the jump. Then, for no apparent reason, he tumbled head over heels off the side of the jump, bouncing off the supporting structures.

What you and I never knew was that the skier chose to fall rather than finish the jump. Why? He explained later that the jump surface had become too slick and fast. Midway down the ramp, he realized that if he completed the jump, he would have landed on level ground, instead of a safe slope. This could have cost him his life. All he suffered was a bad headache.

For you and me, to change the course of our ways can be dramatic and often painful. But changing our course in life is better than a fatal ending for our souls in eternity. A God Alert

Growth is painful
Change is painful
But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

Embrace Uncertainty.
Some of the Most Beautiful Chapters of our Lives
Won’t have Titles until Much Later.

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