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There is a true story about a man who some years ago bought a new Cadillac.

Every time the car hit a slight bump there was an awful thumping. Twice he took the car to be examined. But they never could find the cause. Always there was the thumping.

Finally, the servicemen narrowed the problem to one door of the car. When they took the door apart, they found a Coke bottle inside. In the bottle was a note which read: “So you finally found me, you wealthy (blankety-blank).”

You see, a worker was so filled with resentment he thought he could destroy the satisfaction of the person who had enough money to buy a Cadillac.

Actually, the worker’s grudges and resentments had infested his own mind and his everyday job. The satisfaction being destroyed was his own. Thus he made his life a slave to his perceived enemies.

The greatness of Christianity lies not in its development of small pockets of congenial groupings of people in a church. The greatness of Christianity is in its expansive spirit that overthrows resentments, takes in enemies, embraces rivals and seeks the good in all sorts of people across all the walls and barriers that class and race can erect.

Thanks for ideas from Harold Warlick

What resentments and grudges against others have you lived out in your life?

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