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When Doubt Sets In!

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Years ago I read something rather odd: “The reason mountain climbers are tied together is to keep the sane ones from going home.” 

Whoever said that was playing with us a bit, for we know mountain climbers are tied together to keep from getting lost or going over a cliff. 

But there’s another piece of truth here. When things get tough up on the mountain, when fear sets in, many a climber is tempted to say, “This is crazy! I’m going home.”

The life of faith can be like that – doubts set in, despair overwhelms us, and the whole notion of believing in God seems crazy. 

Jesus knew his disciples would have days like that. So he told them we’re tied together like branches on the vine – or like climbers tied to the rope – tied together by the Holy Spirit, to trust in one who is always more than we can understand, to keep us moving ahead on the journey of faith, to encourage us when believing seems absurd. 

“I will not leave you orphaned,” said Jesus. “I am coming to you.”

Thanks to Barbara K. Lundblad.  Thanks to Bayu Syaits for the photo

Who was someone who helped YOU from getting lost or from going over a cliff?


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