When I’m a Paradox of Feelings

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Sweet Spirit, 

How grateful I am for 
your companionship
in all I feel and hold.

Sometimes I feel unglued,
going in so many directions
and yearning for centeredness
amid the clamor. 

Sometimes I feel bored stiff,
weighed down by the 
heavy sameness of
my days and choices.

Sometimes I feel strong and grateful,
amazed at the sweetness
in this season of life.

Sometimes I feel self-pitying,
sad that another week passed
without a phone call from family
or invitation from a friend.

Sometimes I feel consumed with worry —
people who need help,
people making sad choices,
people I feel responsible for,
people I don’t understand
(or don’t understand me).

You beautifully seam my paradoxes,
grounding both my
flurry and emptiness,
my worry and joy,

in your heart.

Help me give each of 
these feelings their place —
to honor them,
accept them,
and with a breath of release,
blow away the ones no longer needed.

I praise you, Loving Spirit,
for the fresh energy and freedom you offer.
Thank you for living within me,
breathing your peace and power
into the bottom of my being.

It is not by my own abilities but by you
that I live out my calling.
I ask for your support to be with me,
for you are my Source of true strength.

You have been and will be with me —
in the variety of unique
circumstances and challenges I face.
I open my arms and eyes
with the acceptance you’re teaching me…..


“You know me inside and out, you hold me together….”
Psalm 41:12

Ash & Starlight. Prayers for the Chaos & Grace of Daily Life
By Arianne Braithwaite Leon

Please take the time to pray to the Holy Spirit and to reflect on the paradox of your feelings.

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