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When I’m Completely Scattered

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Centering and calming God, 

Sometimes my mind is

both everywhere and nowhere at all.

I’m filled with such a mess of tasks,

reminders, and to-do alerts,

all pinging against the walls of my head. 

I ask for your peace-giving guidance

to place these thoughts

where they ought to be today. 

Every tiny thing in my life

looms seemingly large,

while the assignments, 

relationships and worries

engulf me. 

Help me put aside what can wait, 

letting what needs my attention

receive the action it deserves. 

Help me sort this out.

Slow down my breathing,

reminding me when

I’ve been a ball of anxiety before

and you’ve untangled

my life, my worries…..

Give me space to remember these things

zipping within are not my life, 

but small slices of it –

I’ll take them on as I’m able, 

one at a time (with you by my side).

With your holy breath, clear my mind….

With your purifying Spirit, cleanse my soul….

With your gentle presence, calm my heart…..

Help me, God, in the confusion or the jumble

to focus on what really, really matters. 

Thank you for the ways you

center me and bring me back to life –

to the real, the important, the true. 

May I go about the rest of this day

focused on you and grounded in your peace –

peace deeper than my understanding. 


“Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace –

in peace because they trust in you.”   Isaiah 26:3

By: Arianne Braitwaite Lehn

From: Ash & Starlight, Prayers for the Chaos & Grace of Daily Life

Please pray this prayer whenever you need to this Lent. 

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