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Where Are You?

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Where are you?” This is the first question God asks man after his sin. “Adam, where are you?” Adam lost his bearings, his place in creation, because he thought he could be powerful, able to control everything. Adam thought he could be God.

Harmony was lost. Man erred and this error occurs over and over again also in relationships with others. “The other” is no longer a brother or a sister to be loved, but simply someone who disturbs my life and my comfort.

After his sin, Adam experiences shame. He feels naked. He senses the weight of what he has done. And yet God does not abandon him. A God Alert God immediately asks: “Adam, where are you?” God seeks him out.

When Jesus was born, he took on our nakedness. He took upon himself the shame of Adam, the nakedness of his sin, in order to wash away our sins. By Jesus’ wounds, we have been healed.

Words of Pope Francis Who is it that disturbs your life? How can you respond to them in love?

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