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I enjoy movies. Certain scenes have struck me and stayed with me for many years. My all-time favorite scene is in the movie Moonstruck. I have reflected and prayed on it many times over the years.

Rose Castorini’s husband Cosmo has been cheating on her for quite some time. Rose knows about this and it has been driving her crazy. While Cosmo is at the opera with his lady friend, Rose winds up having dinner with a nice gentleman named Perry. He walks her home after a delightful evening.

Perry asks if he can come inside, obviously hinting at having sex with her. Rose looks straight at Perry and says, “I’m not going to invite you in, not because I am married, but because I know who I am.”

To me this is the greatest of all lines I have ever heard in a movie. As I reflect and pray on this line, I must ask myself again and again if I know who I really am — how I was raised, my values, my beliefs and what I stand for as a person.

Once I come to grips with who I am……
Then I need God’s grace to make me strong and to keep me safe.

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