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Who You REALLY Are!

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If you really believed that you are a beloved child of God, how would it change your life? Would it change your attitudes? Would it change your words? Would it change your actions toward yourself and toward others?

There is a powerful meditation by William Arthur Ward titled “I Am More” that expresses the life that can flow from a new identity when we see ourselves as a child of God:

I am more than happy, I am joyful.

I am more than healthy, I am whole.

I am more than alive, I am radiant.

I am more than successful, I am free.

I am more than caring, I am loving.

I am more than tranquil, I am peaceful.

I am more than interested, I am involved.

I am more than adequate, I am triumphant.

I am more than fortunate, I am prosperous.

I am more than human, I am a child of God.

What a difference it makes in our perspective when we really believe that we are A CHILD OF GOD wholly unique and precious and blessed with an inheritance that we can never lose.

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