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Why Be in a Fight With God?

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There was a man who discovered an amazing inner spiritual peace. He had lost his entire fortune. He began drinking himself to death. He decided to take his own life by walking out into the ocean and swimming past the point of no return. 

As he came to the edge of the water, he noticed something sparkling in the sand. It was a pale, delicate shell. He stood there, completely captivated by it. Finally he picked it up. It was so delicate that the least pressure of his fingers would crush it. Yet it was undamaged and perfect.

He was puzzled by this fact as the waves roared in upon him. How could a shell remain intact and unbroken in the midst of the tons of seething water? 

Suddenly it dawned upon him that the shell did not panic, fight the forces of the water, and seek to forge its own path in the ocean. The shell simply yielded itself to the waters. It had accepted the storms with calmness, just as it had accepted the stillness of the depths of the water where it had its beginning. By yielding itself to the water, it survived. 

Suddenly the man saw himself. He had been fighting God, disobeying God, and trying to defy the spiritual forces at the heart of the universe. He realized now why his life was troubled, and his days were not worth living. He dropped to his knees and placed his life in God’s hands. He walked away into a new life of faith.

Sometimes we must accept that God has a better plan for our life than we do.

Think of a time when YOU were like the shell and accepted the storms in YOUR life with calmness and placed YOUR life in God’s hands. 


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